H4/3E C4/4
 Hofner - H4/3E C4/4
ویولنسل - Hofner - H4/3E C4/4
H4/3E C4/4
وضعیت کالا : موجود
مدل کالا
H4/3E C4/4
تعداد عدد
قیمت کالا
29,900,000 تومان
معرفی محصول
Handmade in Germany.

Handcrafted orchestra cello from the master's atelier.

Crafted from nicely flamed maple with genuine purfling. This cello has beautiful orange-brown antique handvarnish on amber primer.

The instrument is available as a copy of Antonio Stradivari, Giovanni Battista Guadagnini or Matteo Goffriller.

Size: 4/4

Top: Alpine Spruce
Back,sides,neck: European Maple
Fingerboard, nuts: Ebony
Wood quality: AA+

Hand varnish: spirit varnish
Antique varnish: Yes

Tailpiece: Akustikus
Pegs: Rosewood Swiss (AS,MG) Ebony Boxwood Ring (BG).
Strings: Larsen

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