FP 14NA
گیتار کلاسیک - FP 14NA
Felipe Conde - FP 14NA
وضعیت کالا : موجود
مدل کالا
Felipe Conde - FP 14NA
تعداد عدد
قیمت کالا
10,900,000 تومان
معرفی محصول
This guitar was conceived for professionals and beginners alike that demand top quality sound and construction in a guitar. This model is constructed with specially selected, all solid woods, and it comes in the “negra” (Indian rosewood or Indian rosewood and maple) and “blanca” (cypress) versions. In this version we used a maple middle piece to add to the warmth of the sound. It is 100% hand made using our artisan techniques. Its design is simple and elegant featuring a spectacular three piece back.
مشخصات فنی
Back and sides Indian rosewood and maple
Soundboard German spruce
Fingerboard ebony
Neck cedar
Scale 650 mm or 664 mm
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