H5 - V4/4
 H5 - V3/4
 H5 - V3/4
 H5 - V3/4
ویولن - H5 - V4/4
Hofner - H5 - V4/4
وضعیت کالا : موجود
مدل کالا
Hofner - H5 - V4/4
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4,680,000 تومان
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 Handmade in Germany.

Handmade Hofner violin crafted from fully solid, slightly flamed maple. Hand finished using shaded spirit golden-brown varnish. This is an entry level instrument for the demanding student who is looking for a violin that incorporates all the features and benefits for which German instruments are famous but at a very competitive price.

Size: 4/4 

مشخصات فنی
Top: Alpine Spruce
Back,sides,neck: European Maple
Fingerboard, nuts: Ebony
Wood quality: A

Hand Varnish: Spirit Varnish
Antique Varnish: No

Tailpiece: Wittner Style
Pegs: Ebony Std.
Strings: Prelude
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